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One Members Opinion re: Board of Supervisors Public Hearing October 20th

Mr. Supervisor:? early on today I sent an e-mail asking foryou, who represents THE PEOPLE of this County, to support the Draft Land UseMap. After a closer review of the options coming forward for the vote, it willbe best at this time to leave things as they are. As you see, it is easy to getconfused even after many opportunities to review the options. My previouse-mail represented mainly my initial perceptions and was not intended as anofficial position of the San Diego County Equestrian Foundation.


Again, in reviewing the optionsnow, and to preserve the property rights of the individuals in the ruralcommunities, it will be best to TABLE AND RE-SCHEDULE a final vote until alater time when the options are more clearly spelled out. Some of the choicescoming to the table now have been rejected by the public vote twice in the lastfew years, it will be wrong now to cram by vote a plan that has not beenclearly understood let alone accepted by the public.

It's hard to imagine going backto the "drawing table" after this many years and millions of dollarsspent but it is once again the right thing to do.? Please do not downzone orupzone people?s property, leave it as it is now.



Gabriel P Castano

Discovery Valley Equestrian

Twin Oaks Valley- San Marcos

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