San Diego County Equestrian Foundation

One members opinion: Board Of Supervisors Public Hearing October 20th

Save the Horse Properties!!!


You know that ugly process where all the horse propertiesare slowly crowded out by the ever-encroaching suburban sprawl?? YOU CAN STOPTHIS!!!


With the vote on the San Diego County General Plan Updatedue on October 20th, now is the time for all equestrians who don't want to becrowded out by urban development in our County to send an email to all theSupervisors and their land use aides to tell them how you feel. The stakes arevery high, because if the vote is for the "Referral Map", manyparcels will get vastly increased housing density by right, without anypublic input or without following the process to get approval for suchincreases.  


Please ask all the supervisors to vote for the Draft LandUse Map. If your property is being downzoned in this map, think about this.If you decide to sell and split your property into more home lots, you willchange the character of the area for everyone else. Doesn?t it make sense thatthe community should get a say in that change? Those of you being downsizedwill always have the option of increasing density with a general planamendment, which will give the community a voice in how their neighborhoodchanges. This is a very fair process, one that will protect all our equestrianproperties and only allow changes that the community feels are an improvement. Toview these maps go to click on your area. More information on the General Plan Update is at


Below are a few talking points modified from the letter fromthe Elfin Forest Harmony Grove Town Council to the Board of Supervisors, andfrom an excellent letter from a resident, but feel free to use your own words. The list of contacts to send your letter to is also provided.  Pleaseconsider attending the public hearing to speak for our cause. It will be heldWednesday, October 20th at the County Administration Center, 1600Pacific Highway, Room 310 at 9:00 am.


Please do your part to keepit rural.  


**Please make sure to state that you are a property owner,and add your address. **

  • We believe that the Draft Land Use Map is a fair compromise between the goals of the county and the goals of the equestrian community. Individuals on large acreage in the backcountry can still get increased density thorough the general plan amendment process, which gives their neighbors a voice in the changes that will affect them directly.
  • We strongly oppose the Referral Map, which gives individual property owners the right to substantially change the character of their communities without any consideration of how their plans will affect their neighbors or the equestrian community at large.
  • Equestrians do not take our wildlife for granted. We fight so that our animals may keep their homes, and so that native species may be saved from extinction. We are grateful to live in rural areas, and are passionate about preserving them. The Draft Land Use Map represents rural values, agriculture, and outstanding commitment to preserving the special and endangered habitat entrusted to our care.
  • We strongly support the staff?s Draft Land Use Map and the Planning Commission?s recommendations, and we are opposed to the Referral Map recommendations and their potential disruptive impact upon our rural communities.

 Please send to the fiveCounty Supervisors:





?.and copy their Land Use Aides: