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Escondido Planning Update

Important Update that further supports our efforts!


Good news!! This evening the Escondido planning staff (Jay Petrek)formally presented the TC?s request to extend the city?s general plan studyarea to all of HG and EV for possible rezoning that would exactly match the HGand EV Community Plans (ie, allowing horses, boarding, small farms, trails,etc). This was shown as a separate slide that was one of three requests toextend the GP study area. The others were by individual property owners lookingfor commercial rezoning. The staff recommended denial of the other two, andacceptance of the HG/EV one.  The Escondido City Council concurred!


The Mayor, in her comments, noted that the residents in HarmonyGrove and Eden Valley needed reassurances that Escondido would not ?go down thesame path.? She said that both sides could get what they wanted, the City wouldget the employment lands, and the rural areas would get protection from?industrial creep.? She said the industrial land must be buffered from thenearby rural lands. She said that preserving the rural areas with horses andsmall farms could offer a ?different lifestyle? to Escondido residents thatwould be ?appropriate? and consistent with the City?s long term goals.


This will now be studied along with all the Escondido General Planrevisions (they hired a consultant to help with this).  There is a publichearing scheduled for July 2011, and the final version should be approved byAugust 2012, in time for a November 2011 general election vote.


So far, so good!


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