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Interim Zoning Ordinance

Dear members,

Below is an important letter regarding the "InterimEquine Ordinance" that became effective May 16, 2011 and will continueuntil final ordinance resolution.? Read the email below which was sent to theplanning & sponsor groups by County staff yesterday.?

On March 2, 2011 the Board of Supervisors directed DPLU toexplore options for amending the County?s equine regulations.? On June 29, 2011we are scheduled to bring these options back to the Board.? Once the Boardgives direction on how to proceed with the Equine Ordinance amendment we willthen initiate preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR).? EIRstypically take 18 months to complete.? Based on this timeframe, it is likelythe Equine Ordinance amendments and associated EIR will be presented to theBoard for final consideration in the Fall of 2012. ?

One question we have heard from community groups andproperty owners is ?How are you going to enforce the existing equineregulations while this amendment is being completed??? This is importantbecause we presently have approximately 17 open code enforcement cases relatedto commercial equine facilities and there are also likely to be otherfacilities that are not legal but we have not had a formal complaint or noformal codes case has been opened. To answer this question, DPLU has preparedan Interim Policy on Commercial Equine Facilities (attached) .? This InterimPolicy will remain in place until the Board acts on a proposed zoning ordinanceamendment in the Fall of 2012. ?

In a nutshell, the Interim Policy will suspend activeenforcement on zoning violations related to commercial horse boarding usesestablished before March 2, 2011.? However, active enforcement any health andsafety violations associated with the illegal commercial horse boarding willcontinue (e.g., building permit issues, noise, grading, dust suppression, stormwater, vector control).? Furthermore, in order to avoid this suspension gettingout of control, this policy will only apply to equine uses started before March2, 2011 any commercial horse boarding facilities (or expansions of existingillegal commercial horse boarding facilities) established on or after March 2,2011 will be given a cease and desist order.

A copy of this Interim Policy will be given to all propertyowners who have open violation cases related to illegal commercial horsefacilities. If you have any questions please contact Pam Elias, Chief of CodeEnforcement Division, DPLU at (858) 495-5020.

Please circulate this letter.

Michell AnneKimball


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