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Thank you letter to the San Diego County Planning Commission

May 20, 2011

Chairman Leon Brooksand Members

San Diego CountyPlanning Commission

5201 Ruffin Road, SuiteB

San Diego, California92123-1666

RE: Equine OrdinanceRevisions

Dear Chairman Brooks:

The SDCEF would like totake this opportunity to thank you for your action of this morning in approving(with a 7-0 vote) staff’s recommendation to proceed with a tiered ordinancepatterned after the boutique winery ordinance. We especially appreciated theinsight and depth of understanding that the Commission brought to thediscussion, particularly as it regarded with seriousness of purpose theenormous financial pressure the existing, unworkable regulations force onequestrians. lt is becoming more and more expensive to keep a single horse, letalone many of them, and it is in everyone's interest that the problems getworked out so we don't have to revisit the regulations for another forty years.

We look forward tocontinuing work with County staff---our most immediate input will be in theform of a suggested algorithm to determine what ranches can get ministerialpermits over the counter, what needs an administrative permit, and what needsto get a Major Use Permit. We will also provide input on the Best ManagementPractices check list, which we hope can be used to bring horse ranches intocompliance with the County’s zoning ordinance.

We will be meeting withthe membership of the San Diego Equestrian Foundation soon to go over ourrecommendations in detail and will seek to achieve the broadest consensuspossible. One of the challenges of pulling together the revisions to theequestrian regulations has always been the wide diversity of stakeholderinterests. Again, thank you for attention and we look forward to seeing youagain with the draft of the new ordinance.

Very truly yours,

MMichellA. Hunter Kimball                              James E. Whalen

President                                             ExecutiveDirector

cc: San Diego CountyBoard of Supervìsors

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