San Diego County Equestrian Foundation

Meeting with Sr. County Staff

San Diego County Equestrian Foundation

Status Report

September 28, 2010


Following up on the successful meeting of August 23rd withthe County and SDCEF membership, on September 3, 2010,  leaders of the SDCEFmet with County officials to continue to develop a schedule and ongoingstrategy for effecting the necessary zoning changes in the County regarding the equestrian community. Michell Anne Kimball, Paul Herigstad, Jim Whalen andRich Geisler met with Joe Farace and Carl Stiehl, who have initiated theprocess of reforming the County of San Diego’s equestrian ordinance. The ordinancereview process was outlined to roughly include a period of time for Countystaff research and review of other ordinances in the State. Review andcomparison will lead to the development of a draft ordinance that will becirculated for comment and review. The County would like Michell to continue tobe a primary point of contact and use her newly created SDCEF as aclearinghouse for communication and ideas between the County and the equestriancommunity. This includes SDCEF reaching out to local planning groups to gaugeinterest and collate issues for consistent review of the draft ordinance.Currently a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with responses is being developedby the staff to help clarify to all the ordinance review procedures and timeline.


The County reiterated their interest in equestrian peergroups and their commitment to each others ranches and the development of a“peer assistance plan”. Joe and Carl both cautioned that development of such asystem would require the involvement of multiple departments of the County. TheSanta Cruz model appears so far to be an excellent system to develop in SanDiego County. SDCEF will initiate discussions with other County Departments onthis issue.

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