San Diego County Equestrian Foundation

Professional Biography

Michell Anne Kimball has trained, shown and owned horses nearly her entire life. She has owned or operated several equine-related businesses as well as other, unrelated businesses. Her experience in dealing with her horse-related businesses in San Diego County has led her to the ultimate challenge of working with the County to update the San Diego County Zoning Ordinance as it relates to equestrian and other recreationally related uses.

Educationally, Ms. Kimball studied at the University of San Diego majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Biology, Chemistry & Physics. She received her Paralegal certification from the University of San Diego and is also a certified Sr. Equine Appraiser.

After 30 years of owning different types of businesses, including a small, MOBILE horse training business, then a large equestrian facility, a Cleanroom design/build company, and a math tutoring service, Michell has developed her abilities to work with a wide variety of people with many unique and strong personalities. Much of her experience involved working with large committees, engineers, government agencies, and many corporate CEOs and officers. On the other hand, teaching math to a wide range of people from 3rd grade children through college ( with students who were often adults), required patience, mentoring capability, teaching skills, and the important ability to adjust to the needs of the individuals.

Ms. Kimball is dedicated to helping others improve their lives. For 17 years, while she worked as a Math Tutor, Ms. Kimball worked with the disabled/handicapped students at all the major universities and community colleges around San Diego County. On several occasions, Ms. Kimball acted as a proctor for the CBEST test (Teaching CredEntial) for some of her disabled students.

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